How to install Ulteo OVD


The installation is quite simple if you just need to install all Ulteo parts (session manager, applications subsystem, web portal) on the same server.

Once the system is installed, you still need to configure the acces rights by following the steps described in this article.

Basic installation

Just follow the official documentation.

Answer every time it is asked.

If you want a Debian Squeeze 64 bits subsytem instead of the Ubuntu Lucid 32 bits provided by the default installation, download the base.tar.gz from here instead of the one provided by Ulteo.



  • ¬†Add a user

  • Add a user group

  • Add the user to this group


  • Create a server group

  • Add your server to this group

  • Add the user group to the list of published user groups


  • Create an application group

  • Add some applications to this group

  • Add the user group to the list of publications

Check the user group has the right access

  • Go back in the user group and check that:
    • the application group is set
    • the server group is set

Test your installation

  • Login

  • Look at the desktop inside your web browser

  • Play with LibreOffice Writer

  • Don't forget to logout to be sure your session is closed properly, to be able to login again later without having to wait for the timeout to end.


If you can't login and get the error "An internal error occured, please contact your administrator", go to the administration console and disable the fs role.